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Jhu Lin Elementary School




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The Symbol of Jhu Lin Elementary School


  The bamboo represents richness. Five pieces of bamboo leaves mean five kinds of intelligence that develop evenly. The design indicates the soul of Jhu Lin.


Thirty-Year Memorial Symbol


  The leaves of bamboo represent the school to grow strongly. The dark green leaves compose of the number30, which mean the Thirty-Year Celebration of the school.I love Jhu Linreveals the love of school and the home land.

The Characteristics of Jhu Lin

Establish Bamboo Observing Park– Plant 28 kinds of   bamboo for teachers and students to investigate.

Collect more than 300 kinds of rocks and reveal in Global Science Hall.

Investigate and collect materials of the seashore of Yi Lan County to be teaching references.

Develop「Baseball Training Program」to train youth baseball team. They gain prizes in many competitions.

Grade 1-9 Curriculum from First to Fifth Grades- Teachers innovate in creative teaching methodologies.

Implement Children-Teeth Protecting Plan.

Teaching English from Grade one to six- Let students to learn Second Language earlier.


Contact Details


Address: No. 128, Fu-Shing RD., SEC. 2, Luo-Dong, Yi Lan           County, The Republic of China.

Website: http://www.jles.ilc.edu.tw

E-mail: roc@ilc.edu.tw

TEL: 886-3-9542084

Fax:  886-3-9566868